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Does a beginner need coach?

In the gym there are two types of beginners: those who believe that the coach or instructor is completely unnecessary, and those who think quite the opposite, believing that only an experienced coach is able to develop an effective training program and ensure compliance with correct techniques in performance of each exercise.

Each point of view has its pros and cons. Coach service cost money, but without him you’ll need to proceed by trial and error, read lots of special literature, view video tutorials with the description of technique of each exercise, closely monitor the training of experienced athletes. This takes time.

The instructor can’t know your body as well as you can – over some time you will in any case have to learn to build your own training program, tracking your status and analyzing the results. But an experienced athlete (coach) always has the knowledge and experience behind him - he knows the typical errors and methods for their prevention and correction.

The coach is needed to do the following:

  1. control techniques in each exercise;

  2. determine the intensity of training;

  3. generating recommendations on diet and rest;

  4. development of individual training program;

  5. motivation for continuing the training;

  6. analysis of results and changes in the training program.

Normal coach is a practicing or former athlete who has experienced all the "charms" of bodybuilding on himself and understands your problems. However, in the history of swimming for example there were outstanding coaches, who couldn’t swim at all.

It is advisable to choose a coach with great experience (10-15 years or more). That's how much time it takes to see effect of numerous injuries, damagse and distortions in the training program. Senior trainers provide more balanced and safe, focused on health exercise programs. Young ones are effective, but often quite dangerous.

A good coach should be able to explain his statements. Some are ascertaining the facts, not bothering to explain why and how. At the same time a good coach is a person capable to express thoughts in an easy way. Balanced and calm. Emotions, irritability, anger are not the best advisers in training.

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