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How to prevent overloading?

Overloading can be useful on separate workouts held once a month or two. But regular overload leads to fatigue, does not give muscles the possibility to fully recover and relax, creates favorable conditions for injuries. There is a simple and effective way to control the level of the load - orthostatic test.

The next morning after a visit to the gym straight after you woke up and without getting up - measure your heart rate using the stopwatch. The pulse can be found on the wrist and neck. Count the number of heartbeats per minute. Remember this figure.

Now slowly sit up in bed and count pulse already sitting. Then stand up also slowly - again measure the pulse. Now you have three figures. If the difference between them is less than 10, the conducted workout complies with body's recovery ability.

If the difference in measurements exceeds 12 beats – the load surely exceeds the recovery ability of your body. To avoid overload reduce the load in main (basic) exercises during your next workout. An indirect sign of fatigue is the apathy and unwillingness to exercise, the lack of progress. If we are talking about continuing muscle pain you are already injured.

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