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IronZen FullBody+

The training program FulBody+ from IronZen is an alternative version of FullBody, but oriented on experienced bodybuilderswho are just moving to IronZen system. For beginners this program is more difficult to master and requires a high level of physical fitness.

FullBody+ program is suitable for:

  • experienced bodybuilders;
  • returning to training after a break;
  • transition from unsystematic training;
  • as an anti-adaptive program between split-programs;
  • for muscle gaining;
  • effective weight loss.

The training program is not suitable for:

  • beginners;
  • females;
  • long-term use by experienced bodybuilders.


  • effectiveness;
  • simplicity.


  • need to lay out;
  • time-limited for experienced bodybuilders (5 weeks).

Period of training according to the given below scheme should be 4-10 weeks, 2-3 workouts per week (3 workouts per week optimally). Rest between exercises and sets should be 1-3 minutes. Try to perform exercises to failure. The increase in muscle mass isup to 10 lb in 2 months. In case of diet for weight loss, you will be able to get rid of up to 20 lb of fat for the entire period of training.

The program is considered to be one of the classic high-effective. May loose to the programswith macro and micro cycles.

The training program FullBody+ for mass gaining or fat loss

Excersise Sets x reps
Workout А
1 Push-ups (wide hand position) 2 х max
2 Barbell squats 2-3 х 10-12
3 Seated Calf Raise (not standing!) 2 х 15-20
4 Tricep dips wide grip 2 х 7-12
5 Barbell bench press 2 х 8-12
6 Standing or seated dumbbell shoulder press 2 х 10
7 Wide-grip Pulldown Behind The Neck 2-3 х 10
8 Barbell biceps curl (EZ-bar preferably) 2 х 10
Workout В
1 Dumbbell Bench Press
(little incline is allowed)
2-3 х 9-12
2 Incline barbell bench press
(30-40 degrees)
2 х 8-12
3 Leg press 2-3 х 8-10
4 Lying T-bar Row or alternative machine 2 х 10-12
5 Bent Over Barbell Row 2 х 10-12
6 Triceps pushdown 2 х 10
7 Reverse pull-ups middle grip 2 х 5-12
8 Crunches
(on the bench, hanging leg raises or else)
3 х 10-15

Attention! The warm-up sets are not specified.

As you can seethe program provides extremely effective training exercises. Each training session will involve all the body but with different exercises. The program provides multi effect - hormonal surge, the development of tendons and ligaments, strong stimulation of nervous system and direct stimulation of muscle growth.

After FulBody+ you can go to Universal programor directly to FullActive (which is not allowed after FulBody).

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