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Before starting to work out at the gym, it is important to effectively organize the training from the very beginning. It’s the successful planning of future training that will affect further progress towards a strong and proportionate musculature.

Recommendations for action

The first thing you need to start your visits to the gym is to make a training plan. Training must be balanced according to all directions - the nature of the load, the choice of basic exercises, schedule of visits to the gym. From diligent attitude to the first steps in bodybuilding depends the result itself, on the way to which you can face difficulties.

In order to move steadily, it is very important to conduct regular way of life, enabling to perform training according to the program prepared in advance. It’s also better not to "go too far" and make significant changes in your training. At this stage, it is important to develop such qualities as persistence of training and compliance to your training regime. By following these simple rules, we can confidently build new and long-awaited muscles.

It is also impossible to ignore the nutrition issue. It should be gradually tailored to the needs of the entire training process. Eventually, the muscles grow due to the unity of training and balanced diet. Other options simply don’t exist. But in the diet it’s not necessary to force things beyond measure. At first you need to learn about it as much as possible, find out the needs of the organism in proteins, carbs and fats; after certain time make the necessary correction under your own body type.

It is important to start training with understanding the principle of alternating loads in the gym with the need of full recovery in between. The training process cycles will eventually lead to muscle growth of all the body. Running forward, accelerating the training program, reshaping it against the rules will make it very hard to achieve even modest results.

The training program in the gym for the first month

Now about training. You should work out three times a week - Mon-Wed-Fri or other convenient days. The main thing is to make one-two full recovery days between workouts.

Each training session will be aimed for the whole body. This means that you will load all the major muscle groups three times a week, but you will do it each time differently, changing exercises. Such an approach will allow you to get acquainted with a rich arsenal of bodybuilding exercises as soon as possible, and doing this you will maintain a constant sense of novelty.

Workout 1 (Monday)

  1. Overall warm-up – 5-10 minutes (bike, treadmill, stretching)
  2. Barbell bench press – 2 X 10-12
  3. Leg press – 2 X 10-12
  4. Wide-grip lat pull-down (to the chest) – 2 X 10-12
  5. Seated calf raises – 2 X 15-20
  6. Upright barbell row narrow or middle grip – 2 X 10-12
  7. Barbell curl (biceps) – 2 X 10-12
  8. Cable rope triceps push-down 2 X 10-12
  9. Crunches in Romanian chair (ball in hands) – 2 X 10-25

Workout 2 (Wednesday)

  1. Overall warm-up – 5-10 minutes (choose new type of warm-up)
  2. Dumbbell flyes – 2 X 10-12
  3. Barbell squats – 2 X 10-12
  4. Bent-over barbell row (to the lower part of stomach) – 2 X 10-12
  5. Standing calf raises – 2 X 15-20
  6. Standing barbell press – 2 X 10-12
  7. Alternating seated dumbbell bicep curl (use wrist supination) – 2 X 10-12
  8. Dumbbell one-arm triceps extension behind the head (perform sets for different hands alternately) – 2 X 10-12
  9. Hanging knees raise (on the bar) – 2 X 10-25

Workout 3 (Friday)

  1. Overall warm-up – 5-10 minutes (include several minutes of rope jumping).
  2. Incline barbell bench press (45 degrees) – 2 X 10-12.
  3. Seated leg extension in special machine – 2 X 10-12.
  4. Seated cable rows narrow grip – 2 X 10-12.
  5. One leg calf raise (hold the dumbbell in the opposite hand) – 2 X 15-20.
  6. Standing dumbbell lateral raise (to the level of your ears) – 2 X 10-12.
  7. Preacher barbell curl – 2 X 10-12.
  8. Triceps bench dips. Legs are on the opposite bench. You can put the weight on the upper part of thighs. – 2 X 10-12.
  9. Hanging leg raise (almost 90 degrees) on the bar – 2 X 10-25.

Following this program, watch the time during each workout. Between sets of exercises rest 60-90 seconds; between exercises – as much as is enough to move to the new one. In general, one training including warm-up should take not more than one hour, but rushing is not necessary – just follow your plan and do not relax too soon.

After workout endomorphs can run on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes.

After finishing the last abs exercise walk around the gym a little, breathe calm, take a shower after.

Good luck with your training!

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