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The following training program is designed for women aged 19 to 35 years. The program is aimed at complete transformation of body – fat loss (especially in abs and thighs) and overall changes in muscles’ shape and quality.

So what makes this workout so special?

  1. Effectiveness – there are no so called "waste of time" exercises. Female workouts are usually stuffed with unnecessary exercises which tend to show zero efficiency, resulting in body overload and not gaining any benefits from the training. In MissIdeal you are offered minimal but very effective set of correctly combined exercises. The most important thing is that the training effect lasts during recovery days too, and even if you stop dieting or temporarily stop working out - the program will still continue working!
  2. Simplicity – the absence of complicated cycling schemes simplifies the program, but there is also negative side - MissIdeal will work for no more than 3 months. Thanks to the simplicity you can workout according to this program both if you are on beginner’s or advanced level. Minimal experience for this training program is 1 month (preferably with a professional trainer).

It should be mentioned that MissIdeal training program for women has already proved its high efficiency.

What to expect from this training program?

  • First of all, getting rid of excess fat in problem areas. First the belly melts even to extend of "abs appearance”, then go hips and legs. The workout removes cellulite extremely fast.
  • The effect of curvy "over pumped" muscles (including legs and shoulders) is completely absent.
  • Firm beautiful muscles. This process significantly slows down the weight loss, but your body shape is changing drastically with minimal loss of the total weight!

Why MissIdeal is different from other programs?

Because most of female workouts are created without taking into consideration actual physiological processes. Tangible results from IronZen MissIdeal program will be seen within 1 month of training.

Training period - 2-3 months
Earlier training experience - 1 month minimum
Frequency - 3 workouts per week
Tempo - moderate
Additional cardio training not required!
Warm-up sets are not listed!

So, the workout itself:

Exercise Sets Reps
Workout 1
1 Cardio

Intensive mode. You can use an elliptical machine, treadmill or jumping rope

5 minutes
2 Barbell Squats

This is a main exercise in this workout, wide stance squat with a barbell. Squat to the parallel with a floor after a good warm-up

4 10-15
3 Seated Cable Row

Alternate with Bent Over Barbell Rows, Chest-supported T-bar Rows and Machine Rows

4 10-15
* Do 1 set of Squats, rest 1-2 minutes, then do 1 set of Rows and rest again. Repeat 4 times (total rest will come about 3-4 minutes)
4 Seated Calf Raise
Using machine possible
4 15-20
5 Wide-grip Pulldown Behind The Neck

Alternate with Lat Pulldown

2 10-15
6 Seated Dumbbell Press

Possible to do Standing Dumbbell Press, also can be alternated with Side Lateral Raise

2 10-15
* First do Calf Raises, then rest and do Pulldowns – repeat 2 times; then do Calf Raises, rest and do Dumbbell Press – also 2 times. 1 minute rest between sets
3 Biceps
EZ-bar Curl, different dumbbell exercises, machines or Reverse Cable Curl. 
2 minutes rest between sets
2 10-15
4 Stretching
Workout should be finished with thorough stretching of all muscles
10 minutes
Workout 2
1 Cardio 5 minutes
2 LegPress
3-4 10-15
3 Dumbbell Bench Press

Possible to alternate with Dumbbell Flyes orBench Press on different workouts. Incline – up to 15 degrees

3-4 10-12
* Leg Press and Dumbbell Press are performed alternatively, 2 min rest between sets
4 Lying Leg Curls 1-2 10х15
5 Leg Extensions 1-2 10х15
* Leg Curles and Extensions are performed alternatively, 1 minute rest between sets
6 Seated Calf Raise 3 15-20
7 Hyperextension 3 10-15
* Hyperextension and calves are performed alternatively, 1 minute rest between sets
8 Abdominals Crunches
Hanging Leg Raises (not for beginners), Incline Bench Reverse Crunches give good results
3-4 10-15
9 Triceps Pushdowns
Possible to use different handgrips or machines
2 10х15
* Abs and triceps also performed alternatively, 1 minute rest between sets

You must have noticed that it’s not a split workout, and you can’t also call it a full body program. But this is exactly the scheme which is effective for women.

MissIdeal program is designed for females, but you have to train "manly" - laying yourself out in each exercise. Workout will only last 30-40 minutes, but it will seem very difficult. As for exercise performing techniques please address the instructor in your gym.

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