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IronZen MFB Split

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IronZen Мuscles Femininity Beauty (MFB) Split – training split for females, well-proved and affective!

Description of the program

Training program IronZen MFB Split for girls in gym is aimed at comprehensive development of the body, ensures efficient fat burning in problem areas, gradually develops all muscles of the body. When excess high-protein diet ensures the growth of total muscle mass of the body, "sparing" diet helps to gain relief. Strength training program is very effective and has the following "characteristics."

Main points:
  • the duration of the training - 8-14 weeks
  • 2 days split with 4 workouts
  • 3 workouts per week
  • the optimal age - 18-35 years
  • training experience - 6 months
Effectiveness of the system:
  • getting rid of 1-4 kg of fat per week
  • gaining muscles - 0.5 kg per month
  • relief of the whole body + better glutes within 2 months

The following training split differs from the conventional; the body is divided into only two parts - the top and bottom (for development of beautiful body shape at this stage of training this is the best choice). In contrast to the principle of FullBody the recovery time increases. The special feature of the given split is that you’ll have not two workouts (1 for top and 1 for bottom) as usually, but four workouts, which engage same muscle groups, but in different exercises. This approach, due to the fact that girls have weaker upper body muscles, allows you to distribute the load much more efficiently.

This program does not draw into the state of exhaustion and allows completing workouts as efficiently as possible (which is extremely rare in splits for girls). This is achieved by pre- modeling of the training process and rigorous testing on girls with different levels of fitness. That is why during the first learning this scheme seems strange, but after the first cycle all doubts fade away.

Glutes training program for females

Glutes are always a priority for girls and it's a pretty problematic muscle group, since building beautiful buttock muscles require more than 12 months of competent training. IronZen professional programs can greatly increase effectiveness of your training and reduce the training period to 4-6 months. The main mistake is using of many isolation exercises in the initial stages of training. Without a strong muscular frame, especially the legs, "building up the ass" is not possible. Therefore, IronZen program for girls contain many basic exercises that are guaranteed to give results.

IronZen MFB Split will suit everyone who considers buttocks a problem zone, but without any damage to other muscle groups.

Training program for females

Exercises Sets Reps Rest
Workout 1
Legs, partly back, biceps
1 Smith machine squats (deep) 
Deep barbell squats (if healthy knees)
3 10-15 2-3 min
Rest 7 min. Continue exercise
Smith machine squats (deep) 
Deep barbell squats (if healthy knees)
2-3 10-15 2-3 min
2 Lat pulldown 2 10-12 1-2 min
3* Leg extension 3 12-15 до 1 min
4* Cals raises (seated or in machine) 4 20-25
5 Barbell curl (bar on your choice) 3 10-12 1-2 min
Workout 2 
Back, shoulders, partly chest
1 Reverse crunches 3-4 max 1-2 min
2** Seated cable rows narrow grip 3 8-15 30 sec
Rest 2-3 min. Continue exercise
Seated cable rows narrow grip 3 8-12 sec
Rest 2-3 min. Continue exercise
Seated cable rows narrow grip 3 8-10 sec
3 Incline dumbbell bench press 2-3 10-12 1 min
4 Upright barbell row 3 12 1-2 min
5* Seated dumbbell press 2-3 12 1 min
6* Hyperextensions (back) 2 15-20
Workout 3
Legs, triceps
1 Crunches 2 max 30 sec
2 Deadlift
“Sumo” style deadlift
3 10-12 2-3 min
Rest 5-7 min. Continue exercise
“Sumo” style deadlift
2-3 10-12 2-3 min
3 Triceps push-down in machine 3-4 10-12 1-2 min
4 Plie dumbbell squats
Jefferson squats
Bulgarian lunges
3-4 12-18 2 min
5* Hip abduction in machine 2 15-20 1 min
6* Hip adduction in machine 2 15-20
Workout 4
Chest, back, partly glutes, partly legs
1 Cross-body crunches 3-4 max 2 min
2** Barbell bench press
Bar dips (chest version) with wide hands position (in gravitron)
3 12 30 sec
Rest 3-4 min. Continue exercise
Barbell bench press
Bar dips (chest version) with wide hands position (in gravitron)
3 10-12 30 sec
Rest 3-4 min. Continue exercise
Barbell bench press
Bar dips (chest version) with wide hands position (in gravitron)
3 8-10 30 sec
3 Bent over barbell row
T-bar row
Wide-grip lat pulldown
4-5 10-12 2 mim
4 Butterfly
Lying dumbbell flyes
3 10 1-2 min
5* Wide-grip lat pulldown behind the neck 3-4 10-12 1 min
6* Gluteal bridge
(preferably with additional weight)
3-4 max

* Exercises performed alternately
** Exercise divided into 3 parts, follow the rest intervals

Rest between exercises same as between the sets of the previous exercise. The recovery period between workouts - 1-2 days. The number of reps can slightly vary, depending on the training experience, recovery of the body and the "level of failures" in the exercises.

Warm-up includes general warming of the body on treadmill, ellipsoid or jumping rope. Also do not forget about warming sets in all exercises (they are not specified in the table). After workout perform overall stretching of the body.

Additional aerobic exercise is not required, the program is completely self-sufficient. If the load is too easy, then start training “to failure." For best results we recommend to visit the swimming pool 2 times a week, but without the excessive load.

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