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Just not so long ago and even now many instructors offer 2 types of training programs for fat burning:

  1. programs with great deal of aerobic exercises;
  2. weight training programs with high reps principle (12-15 reps in a set).

But unfortunately these approaches separately have very low efficiency. Many people already understood this and began to combine these two methods, which led to the significant increase in effectiveness of "fat burning".


But real professionals went much further. In fact, there is a more advanced method of training, aimed at fat burning, and moreover, maintaining and even increasing muscles!

The training program for effective weight loss Metabolic Pro

Exercise Remarks Sets Reps
Workout 1
1. Barbellbenchpress


3-5 8-10
2. Wide-grip LatPulldown or Behind The Neck 3-5 7-12
3. Squats


3-5 10-15
4. Barbell shoulder press 3-4 7-10
5. Seated Calf Raise


3-4 15-20
6. Dumbbell biceps curl 2-3 8-10
Rest (1 day)
Workoutathome– 3 setsofpush-ups, 3 sets of pull-ups or squats without rest(alternately)
Workout 2
1. Tricepdips


3-5 5-8
2. Pull-ups 3-5 4-10
3. LyingLegCurls


2-4 8-12
4. LegExtensions 2-4 8-12
5. Triceps pushdown    2-3 8-10
Rest (1-2 days)

Style of exercise performance is usual for bodybuilding – 25-40 seconds for 1 set, rest between sets and exercises is minimal (not more than 1 minute, preferably less). Rest period is regulated by heart rate, which should not be more than 110 beats per minute, for experienced bodybuilders – even more. Weights are a little less than usual, in last sets performance to failure (but not necessarily).

This program is highly effective, even without dieting! But it was one flaw – it is FORBIDDEN for beginners or without doctor’s conclusion allowing such loadings. The thing is that this program uses training methods which are forbidden in professional sports. Experienced bodybuilders have probably noticed that load on the largest muscle groupsis combined without rest. This allows jacking up the metabolism to its maximum point at the lowest muscular work. Such state is characterized by intensive heart beat and high blood pressure, which in professional sports is simply unacceptable, especially during treatment with anabolic steroids. As for beginners – they are simply physically not ready for such loads. The simplicity of writing and the complexity of performing the program are hard to describe, you just have to try.

This program is far from being unique,it has some similarities with Kazakov’s training system and a number of other methodological approaches.

For maximum fat burning, of course, not without damage to muscles, you can do 40 minute jogging, riding a bike, do aerobics between main workouts.

Try it, the result will certainly be!

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