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Eating after workout is an important part of muscle growth. Apart from the fact that after exercise the body actively restores your energy reserves, the other processes are also going on. One of the key processes is synthesis of large quantities of hormones. Next, not less important, is formation of androgen receptors in muscles, which will collect androgenic anabolic hormones and give muscle growth for more than a week after workout. Muscles growing and need protein after workout is a myth. After training there will not be growth for several days, sometimes longer, and protein is really necessary, but not in excess. Amino acid (protein) with fats are involved in the formation of hormones and promote the formation of new androgen receptors.

The use of protein after exercise could spur level of damaging hormone - cortisol.

So after workout use high-quality protein, vegetable fats and carbs to restore energy reserves of the muscles and the body in general.

Also, after exercising, you can use special sport supplements that contain whey protein and fats.

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