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IronZen - Metabolic Abs

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The website of IronZen training system contains Metabolic Pro program. The given below program is its modification with additional emphasis on abs, which also can be used for efficient cutting.

The cutting complex was built in a way that does not exhaust the body with long training, but can boost your metabolism. This helps you to save muscles and quickly loose fat.


  • high intensity;
  • rest between "alternating" sets is not more than 1 minute, in the abs exercises – up to 3 minutes;
  • workout every other day;
  • dieting is required;
  • program saves muscles;
  • program is only for experienced bodybuilders.

Abs and cutting program

Exercise Remarks Sets Reps
Workout 1
1. Dumbbell bench press


3-5 8-10
2. Wide-grip Lat Pulldown or Behind The Neck 3-5 7-12
3. Barbell squats


3-5 10-15
4. Arnold press 3-4 7-10
5. Seated calf raise


3-4 15-20
6. Biceps curl (EZ-bar) 2-3 8-10
7. Inclinebenchcrunches   3-4 max
Rest (1 day)
Workout 2
1. Tricep dips wide grip


3-5 6-10
2. Bent Over Barbell Row 3-5 8-10
3. Lying Leg Curls


2-4 8-12
4. Leg Extensions 2-4 8-12
5. Triceps pushdown   2-3 8-10
6. Hanging leg raises
(legs at the top point half bent, knees touch the chest, back bends, full extension)
  3-6 max
7. Stationary bike

15 minutes

Rest (1 day)


You should work out every other day and perform aerobic exercises every rest day, for example 30 minutes running at a moderate pace.

Quick fat loss is possible only under the low-carb diet with limited calories.

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