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IZ Cream-Bomb - cocktail after workout

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Eating after workout is an important factor in muscle building. In the first hours after workout androgen receptors are formed and testosterone is actively produced (male sex hormone), which after the workout is in short supply.

The main objective of food after training is to give raw materials for generation of various hormones and minimize synthesis of cortisol (hormone destroying human tissue, helping the energy mobilization and removing slags from muscles).

For the production of testosterone and its delivery to the muscle cells organism needs low density fat and a small number of high-quality amino acid composition. Therefore, the main ingredients of a cocktail after workout are cream and egg whites.

Lowering cortisol level is possible only by restoring muscle energy reserves, for this purpose it is necessary to use fast carbohydrates and creatine, but creatine should be taken before the workout. Add honey to cocktail.

IZ Cream-Bomb - cocktail after workout IZ Cream-Bomb - cocktail after workout

Supplements which can be found in sports nutrition stores are much worse than this cocktail. If you want to enhance the action of the above recipe, add amino acid complex in the cocktail, other ingredients are excessive.

Ingredients (quantity depends on body weight):

  1. cream 20% fat - 100-200 grams;
  2. 2-3 egg whites;
  3. Tablespoon of good honey;
  4. 1 banana;
  5. if necessary, dilute with water, add chocolate or cocoa for the flavor.

Blender all the ingredients, it will be delicious!

Bodybuilders inclined to gain body fat can use the same recipe.

Drink during the first 15 minutes after workout. The obtained mixture can be stored in the frige not more than 24 hours or up to 5 hours at room temperature.

An alternative to this cocktail can be a mixture of this composition: fat milk (250-300 grams), banana, honey, a portion of whey protein.

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