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The training program for women IronZen BaseCycle

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The training program for women BaseCycle is maximally balanced – it doesn’t cause overtraining, ensures fat burning and helps gaining muscle mass.

This female program is represented with 3 workouts which should be done 3 times a week (for example, Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday).

  • The first workout is mostly regenerating, it’s better not to overload yourself;
  • During the second day you should lay out rather well, and well-chosen exercises will not let you overtrain;
  • The third training day is the hardest, you should lay yourself out at 100%.

The first training Cycle is mostly done with reduced loading – just to get acquainted with the program.

The training program for women BaseCycle

IronZen BaseCycle workout program is developed for 3-4 months training period – during this time it will give maximum results. The given scheme is intended for experienced women – if you have less than 4 months experience please pay attention to the different programs.

Age group – females from 18 to 35 years old.

What you will gain from this program: muscle mass increasing, but thanks to fat burning overall weight will not change. The workout is aimed to improve the appearance and proportions of your body so as to reduce the dependence of your body from dieting.

The workout

Exercise Sets & Reps Remarks
Workout 1
Easy workout. Doing exercises to failure is allowed in last sets.
1 Intensive mode. Running or elliptical machine 7 minutes Raise your heart rate to 170 beats per min.
2 ABS - crunches 3 х max Rest 1 minute. Any kind of crunches acceptable.
Hip abduction in machine (or without a machine) 3-4 х 20 Alternatively. Rest 40-50 sec. During hip abduction exercise the pause in maximum point is necessary.
Hip adduction in machine (or Plie Dumbbell Squat) 3-4 х 20
Upright Barbell Row 2 х 10-12 Alternatively. Rest 40-50 sec. It is better to do the curls on the short amplitude.
Lying Leg Curls 3 х 12-15
Seated / Standing Dumbbell Press 3 х 10-12 Alternatively. Rest 40-50 sec.
Hyperextension 2-3 х 15
Workout 2
Middle load
1 Walking on the treadmill 10 minutes Incline 6-12 degrees
2 Jumping rope 300-600 jumps Any number of sets
3 ABS - crunches 3 х max Rest 1 minute
4 Romanian Deadlift 3-4 х 10-12 Rest 3 minutes. Keep the knees slightly bent and don’t fully straighten when standing up.
Leg Press Lying (20-30 degrees incline possible) 5 х 10-12 Alternatively. 
Leg press to failure. Rest 1-1,5 minutes.
Lunges (with dumbbell or barbell) 3 х 10-14
Biceps curl with dumbbell or barbell 3 х 10 Alternatively. Rest 40-50 sec. For calves it’s recommended to use the machine which provides small bending of the knees.
Calves 2 х 15-20
Workout 3
Hard workout. Last sets necessarily to failure
1 Stepper 10 minutes  
2 Wide-grip Lat Pulldown 4 х 10-12 Rest 2 minutes
3 Barbell squats a little lower than the parallel to the floor / Leg Press 5 х 10-12 Rest 3-4 minutes. It’s recommended to alternate squats and leg press in different days of the week.
Seated Cable Row 4 х 10 Alternately. Rest 1 minute.
Calves 4 х 15-20
Wide-grip Pulldown Behind The Neck 2 х 10 Alternately. Rest 1 minute.
Triceps (machine / cable) 3 х 10

There is no extra loading in Base Cycle program, which helps just to enjoy working out. The scheme is of high performance level because it takes into account all the physiological principles of body changes and completely excludes outdated low-efficiency training approaches (which most women now use).

It should be mentioned that the table shows only working sets – do not forget to do warm-up real nice! It’s recommended to end training with a good workout finisher. The order of exercises and recommendations on number of sets, reps and rest periods are essential.

Be sure to let us know about your results!

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