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Process fat into muscles - myth or reality?

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Among the athletes there is a persistent rumor that it’s possible to process body fat into muscle mass. If you are very lucky, you can even hear the story of how a pig is chased hard before slaughter to have meat between fat. Comparison though not quite correct, but many are impressed. It is enhanced by the fact that reinforced training helps muscle mass prevail over the fat, moreover the rate of muscle growth is often comparable to the speed of fat mass decrease. This was the reason for appearance of the legend about the supposed ongoing process for the processing of fat into muscles. It is a legend, a myth, because fat and muscle tissues are completely different in their structure, and the transition from one to another is impossible, except by energy processing, when fat is used as an energy source to contract the muscle fiber.

Process fat into muscles – myth or reality?

However, this process is also more a myth than reality. The thing is that fat is almost not consumed at high-intensity anaerobic exercise - when lifting heavy weights. It serves as an excellent source of energy in aerobic exercises, among which stand out jogging, cycling or stationary bike and swimming. Therefore, only bodybuilding exercises aimed to burn fat are not the best choice. In high-intensity mode glycogen stored in the muscles is burned. From this their volume is reduced. Experienced athletes and coaches, who know about all of the above, advise people to first burn excess fat and then gain muscle mass. Most of the beginners prefer a different approach - first, to increase muscle mass, and then - to lose weight. They trust in the mythical transferring of fat into muscle.

In practice, however, an attempt to loose weight after gaining muscle mass will not only reduce the fat reserves, but also will cause the loss of muscles themselves. Thus, the belief that fat can move into muscles is not only groundless, but also is dangerous for future sports career, even amateur. Its danger is also in the fact that believing in this myth the athlete does not pay enough attention to his/her figure. First, the appearance of these athletes is rather poor, and if in powerlifting nobody cares, but bodybuilding has always been a sport of beauty and aesthetics. Second, from the health point of view load on cardiovascular system for overweighed person is always higher than for normal-weighed one. The load of heavy exercise is also added to it, which will inevitably lead to heart problems in the future.

Do not believe the myths and legends of gyms. Remember, they are direct path to sport failures and health problems. If you are having difficulty with the definition of plausibility of a statement - contact an experienced athlete / coach, or consult your doctor, if possible – sports doctor.

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