Muscle pain and DOMS

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There are 3 types of muscle pain.

Muscle pain and DOMS

1. During the exercise. Pain is caused by accumulation of lactic acid in muscles - the product of muscle reactions. It passes right after the exercise, but not completely.

2. After workout. It is the combination of lactic acid and fibers’ micro trauma influence.

3. After 1-3 days after workout - so called "delayed onset muscle soreness." Pain is caused by inflammation in muscles because of accumulation of damaged muscle cells, which the body didn’t have time to withdraw. If during the DOMS perform intensive workout, then elaborated during exercise lactic acid partially neutralizes inflammation, pain decreases.

Pain during exercise is unpreventable phenomenon, it will decrease as the muscles adapt to stress.

Sometimes newcomers are beginning to assess the effectiveness by muscle soreness, painful - so training was a success. This is a great delusion; as long as there is DOMS muscles will not grow, there are no relevant chemical conditions for this.

Muscle soreness is a phenomenon which should be avoided.

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