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Store shelves abound in all kinds of low-fat products - low-fat milk and cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses, and even low-calorie mayonnaise without ceasing offers potential buyers eyes. Even the meat of animals and poultry meat can differ a low percentage of fat in it. In this case, the question arises: does need a trainee bodybuilder pay attention to all these low-fat purged or need to outright forget about them, recognizing their need for advertising fiction and nothing more?

We note that on this issue a clear answer does not exist. First of all it does not matter whether a person eats fatty or fat-free products, but important how many received the necessary dietary fat from food to maintain a normal level of life. Human can’t live without food fats, it should receive their necessary amount of food. At the same time the share of fats of vegetable origin must be at least one-third of the total. So as to provide the desired amount of fat and the balance between them, should be included in their daily diet of fat-containing products. No less important is a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates for total calories balanced with fats, passing the following problem arises: the growth of consumption of protein and carbohydrates in parallel increases and consumption of dietary fat, and often the amount of fat increases disproportionately noticeable than the same proteins and carbohydrates.

For this reason, sometimes it is really worth to some extent, limit yourself by a large percentage of fat in the foods consumed. And significant support in this case is really painstaking can have low-fat or low-fat products. But it is important to understand that the restriction of fats to their optimal amount determined by parameters such as physical activity level, age, gender and orientation of the training process, does not mean their complete elimination from the diet. This will lead to a noticeable metabolic disorders that affect both muscle gain as well as on the planned drying.

It should be understood that the professional bodybuilders limit themselves in fatty foods. This does not mean that fat is bad, but diet of bodybuilders is extremely huge. In addition to all this Pharmacology, and the human body is just going to explode, so something has to give.

Don’t forget the fact that fats are directly involved in the assimilation of certain essential vitamins. They are required to maintain the function and health of the joints, as well as for the production of the hormone testosterone, which role is to know any self-respecting bodybuilder.

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