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The rules in gym

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In the gym there are certain overt and covert rules which you are obliged to know and execute:
  1. Before you start training you need to make sure that your health allows you to do this sport. If necessary see a doctor.

  2. Go through the initial safety training.

  3. Follow the personal hygiene rules. Keep everything clean, wash clothes at least once a week (socks - everyday).

  4. Do not move the machines.

  5. Do not eat in the gym.

  6. Do not distract from training - do not speak or stand in front of people. Do not block the mirror.

  7. Before using the machine ask the others if it’s available.

  8. If you are training together (with a friend, for example), behave quietly, do not laugh too loud.

  9. You always have to disassemble the equipment (barbell, machine) and remove the plates and dumbbells. A tiny girl can come after you and she will not be able move your damn 20 kg.

  10. It is forbidden to throw barbells and dumbbells on the floor - it's not cool!

  11. Do not shout performing the set.

  12. Do not wear shorts which show your "farm".

  13. Do not use the exercise equipment for rest.

  14. Do not rush to give advice to others, many of them are probably smarter than you.

  15. Take care of your wallet and cell phone.

  16. Expect the workout to catch up to the closing time of the gym.

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