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Meet girls at the gym

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Meeting girls at the gym is quite simple, especially if she also came there to meet a guy (and there are a lot of such girls, believe me). First of all, we need to see whether she is ready to get acquainted or comes to the gym for training. The second does not hurt to get acquainted, but keep in mind that girl does not have such goal – it’s possible that she has a young man or she is already married.

Second of all, look, if she is in to you. If she’s constantly somewhere around, if performs sexy movements right in front of your nose and if she make mistakes when you don’t look. Generally, correcting mistakes is one of the most effective methods to meet: it’s not binding - you can safely "get lost" if something’s not right; you can "test the waters"; but on the other hand helps to start a conversation.

The disadvantage of this method is obvious - it has long been "left to the masses", besides you need the to represent something of yourself to use it. Such method does not work for the girls with a good figure and a decent training experience (maybe try ask them for advice?), but here a different scheme is possible - to help cope with the weight, belay. In addition it’s fraught to approach the single-minded athlete: it can distract her and as a consequence you can be refused.

What to be prepared for when meeting women in the gym?

  • the girl herself is not opposed to meeting, or came not to train, but to get acquainted (such is easily identified by wandering around the gym from corner to corner and absolute indifference to what is happening in the gym) - if she likes you, the attempt is successful. The conversation can start with a trivial "hello", then offer help and advice, saying that she apparently could not make the choice of simulator. It's a ritual, it can be avoided by advanced skill of arrogance and pressure, saying that she is obviously bored and it’s better for you to go together in any other place;

  • girl trains, but makes mistakes - help her correct mistakes, showing care and attention, then start a conversation on any convenient scheme (about movies, music, literature, work, hobbies, etc.), offering a date and taking a phone number after that;

  • meet the girl after workout - this is a standard scheme for meeting an experienced athlete. It is possible that the best tactic is to offer a talk outside the gym: she had seen all kinds of tackles and easily sees "tricks".

What not to do when meeting a girl?

  • stare entire workout at the girl you like;

  • listen to advice of unfortunate “pick up” pros, rather than think by your own head;

  • treat such acquaintance as the great deal of life;

  • be a macho instead of just being yourself.

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